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- from cavern to advanced cave diving training -

Cave Diving Training Mexico, CDT Mexico

TDI Cavern Diver Course
- You first step into the overhead environment -

Dive into the daylight area of the cave, within 60m from the entrance. Learn the basics of cave diving, from planning to teams's dynamics, placing, pacing, how to lay a guideline and more. The course is often taught in conjunction with the Intro to Cave Course.


TDI Intro to Cave Diver Course
Leave the daylight behind -

During this portion you'll learn the necessary skills and procedures to become a safe and thoughtful Cave Diver. This is a pre-requisite before extending your range during the Full Cave Diver level. It is often taught in conjunction with the Cavern Course.

Lili butt shot.jpg

TDI Full Cave Diver Course
- Extend your range and limits -

The third course of your overhead adventure is the pass for planning and performing more advanced cave dives. You'll learn - among other subjects - more advanced gas management, complex navigation and how to handle restriced cave passages.


TDI Stage Cave Diver Course
- Beyond the basics, go longer and further -

Learn how to extend your range, bottom times and distances through the use of extra stage cylinders. Understand and apply more complex dive plannings and gas managements and get the technical pre-requisites for future decompression dives in caves.


TDI Cave Sidemount Diver Course
- For back-mount cave divers who want to sidemount -

This Course is designed for back-mount cave divers who wish to switch configuration to side-mount. Training in the cave environment follows a open water side-mount class.


TDI Advanced Cave Sidemount Diver Course
- The ultimate sidemount training -

This is an extreme cave diving course meant for very experienced cave divers who wants to pass through very tight cave passages using no-mount techniques. Divers will also learn advanced and alternative problem-solving and techniques.

A DPV cave diver swims in the Hatzuts Aktun cenote (Mexico).jpg

TDI DVP Cave Diver Course
- When it's too far for your old fins -

The ultimate tool to extend your range in a cave. The course is meant for divers with lots of experience with long multi-stage cave dives, and who display a high level of awareness.

Compass Pointing North

TDI Cave Survey Diver Course
- Can't find a stick-map? Draw it yourself! -

For dedicated cave divers with a mindset for precision and care of the details, surveying caves is a mandatory feature of exploration and an essential first step toward cartography.

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