Lili was born in France and she’s fluent in English, French and Spanish. She is a born globetrotter and visited many countries before settling down in Mexico, as she fell in love with the beauties of the Mexican caves, and met her partner in diving and live.

She has a French degree as a sport educator and worked over 10 years as a professional personal trainer in France and Argentina alike. For several years, she specialized in VIP wilderness tours all around Argentina. During this last experience, she has developed extensive skills as a tour guide and personal instructor in harsh environments and remote locations.

Lili logged over 800 dives in France, Philippines, Rep. of Maldives and Mexico since she started diving in 2008. She became a professional in 2014 and became a technical and cave diver the same year. Since then, she logged over 200 cave dives and became a TDI Instructor in 2015. Lili is a dedicated side-mount cave diver and is commonly diving stage/multi-stage side-mount configuration.

She started her first survey and exploration project in 2015 in the Rancho de los Guerreros in the Mexican Riviera Maya.

Currently, she is actively teaching side-mount divers and entry level cavern divers. She is on the road to become a cave instructor and is getting involved in several personal projects with the local cave diving community.



Diving Credentials
TDI Full Cave Diver
TDI Cave Sidemount Diver
TDI Stage Cave Diver

Teaching Credentials
TDI Nitrox Instructor
TDI Sidemount Instructor
TDI Cavern Instructor
SDI Open Water Scuba Diver Instructor
SDI Advanced Buoyancy Instructor
SDI CPR1st Instructor
SDI CPROX Instructor
SDI CPROX1st AED Instructor
SDI Marine Ecosystem Awareness Instructor
PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor
PADI Emergency First Response Instructor
PADI Side-mount Instructor

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