The TDI Cavern Diver program is designed to develop the skills necessary to dive safely in overhead environment within the limits of natural daylight penetration and within a short distance from the exit. It is the first step toward Full Cave Diver’s certification.
The TDI Cavern Diver course is taught in redundant configuration, either on twin tanks or sidemount.

Technical divers can enter the course directly. Recreational divers must complete the Intro to Tech Diver course or the Sidemount Diver course prior to start. Those courses can also be combined.

The course develops the mindset, techniques and theoretical knowledge to safely conduct cavern dives.
Students will learn proper dive planning and gas management as well as new, more refined diving techniques appropriated for the cavern environment with cave conservation in mind.

Academic presentations, land-drills, confined water session(s), and a minimum of 4 cavern dives are included in the course.

3 days - $750 USD

18 years old
Intro to Tech or Sidemount Diver
50 logged dives

Intro to Tech + Cavern
5 days - $1,250 USD
Sidemount + Cavern
6 days - $1,500 USD