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full cave diving course mexico

TDI Full Cave Diver

The TDI Full Cave Diver course extends the skills and knowledge of Intro to Cave divers to prepare them for more complex dives, including unlimited penetration distances, complex navigation and swimming through confined spaces and restricted passages.

It teaches you how to plan a dive with more complex planning and gas management. Also, it enhances previously learned skills to fit new and more challenging situations.

Greater distances require a higher self-awareness from the divers, as the physical and psychological challenges increase.

Full Cave divers can pass intersections and place temporary lines in order to perform jumps, gaps, circuits and traverses. Complex navigation requires refined diving techniques and advanced referencing methods to avoid disorientation.

As divers venture into smaller passages, the risk of being stuck or to be entangled increases exponentially. The TDI Full Cave Diver course provides you with simple, efficient protocols and helps you develop clear mindset coupled with sound judgement in stressful situations.


cave diving mexico


You must be 18 years old and certified
TDI Intro to Cave (or equivalent).

You must be certified as a 
TDI Intro to Tech (or equivalent) for training in a backmount (twin-set) configuration.

You must be certified as a 
TDI Sidemount (or equivalent) if you wish to train in a sidemount configuration.

Duration and price


Full Cave
4 days - $1,080 USD

Everyone needs a day of refresher/review before starting a Full Cave Course.

Combined Courses

If you are already a Cavern Diver
Intro to Cave + Full Cave
6 days - $1,620 USD

If you are not Cavern, but Intro to Tech / Sidemount
Cavern to Full Cave
9 days - $2,430 USD

If you start from scratch in Backmount (twinset)
Intro to Tech to Full Cave
12 days - $3,240 USD

If you start from scratch in Sidemount

Sidemount to Full Cave
13 days - $3,510 USD

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