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Lili and Alain are two of the nicest people I have met. Their communication before my arrival was superb, all my questions were answered, so I knew how everything would run before arriving in Playa. Lili was my instructor for SM, she picked me up each morning close to where I was staying, then we made our way to the training site. There was the option to stop on route to pick up food supplies, but I brought my own and kept it in their cool-box, chilled water was also provided. Lili is really easy to talk with, she's pretty cool in fact, which for me made the training much more relaxed, and her instruction was the best I have encountered to date. Alain if I get you in the future you will have a tough challenge to beat Lili. I actually met Alain in person on my last day in Playa with Lili and Tango, we went for a morning coffee and chatted a while before I had to leave to fly back home. I can say Alain and Lili are really great people, who made me feel very welcomed from the very start, who know their stuff as instructors, hope to see you again soon guy's.

Alan Foster-Clark, United Kingdom
PADI Divemaster
Activity with CDT Mexico: TDI Sidemount Course

I did my full cave course with Alain back in 2011. At that time, I was a beginner, not much experience, and Alain managed to teach all the core skills needed for any kind of technical diving. We were two students during our training, with opposite background. However, Alain managed to show both of us what we had to improve, and our strengths and weaknesses. All the explanations were clear and he had total control underwater, giving us enough time to practice and master the skills. The certification was definitely earned, not given!
Since then, I've done further technical training and became an instructor myself. However, after all of those courses, I'm so glad I did that very first training with Alain. It laid all the basics, core skills, mindset and emergencies procedure for any further class I took. By far the best and most challenging course I have ever taken! Thanks my friend.

Chris Braissant, 30, Switzerland
PADI Tec Instructor, TDI Cavern and Extended Range Instructor
1000+ logged dives
Activity with CDT Mexico: Full Cave Diver Course

In April 2014 my buddy and I had decided on a trip to Mexico to try out our newly earned Cave Diver certifications in what some people claimed to be the best caves in the world. We came across Alain by chance as he was guiding for the resort we were staying at. My first impression was the passion; the man lived and breathed caves! During our first dive brief and upon entering the water we both came to realise that he had the skill and knowledge to back it up. We started on some relatively easy caves, and as Alain assessed our abilities, slowly tapered into some more difficult stuff, really showcasing what further training would unlock for us. The trip came and went like that, and on the plane home my buddy and I found ourselves planning the next trip.
In 2015 we decided to take a few courses with Alain, eager to tap into the vast well of knowledge his experience yielded him. After much back and forth discussion via e-mail with Alain (who was always more than happy to go out of his way researching and enquiring about accommodation and itinerary) we decided on the Full Cave Diver, Cave Sidemount, and Stage Cave Diver courses. This time around the diving was a lot more in depth, pushing us to what we thought were limits in our capabilities and then well beyond, unlocking a whole new level of diving for us and bringing to light small things we had never really considered. Towards the end of our trip one of Alain’s old students joined us for a few days of diving, and I was surprised at how quickly and seamlessly we all fit in. This was someone who I’d never met before, who felt like a regular dive buddy as soon as we dipped below the surface. I put it down to the training, and Alain’s high expectations of his students. “Kill your ego,” is something he told us on our very first day of training and it’s a good piece of advice as on getting out of the water after each dive we were being carefully critiqued over the smallest, minute details that we may never have considered, all in an effort of trying to turn us into the safe, highly competent cave divers Alain expects.
The difference in my own diving skills over those 17 days were quite noticeable. By the end I felt like a different person underwater, as if I was finally diving with my eyes open, “seeing” everything I was supposed to see and thinking about the dive in a much smarter way. I have Alain to thank for that. Where most instructors can teach you the skills you need to pass, and what to think, few will teach you how to think as well as he can.
I can’t wait to plan my next trip back to Mexico, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Alain to anyone, skilled or no, who was looking for a guide or teacher in this cave diving hot spot.

Joshua Shipp, Australia
IANTD Advanced Nitrox, CDAA Cave Diver
250+ logged dives
Activity with CDT Mexico:
April 2014 : 17 days of guided cave dives in back-mount, several dives with stage tanks also.
April 2015 : 17 days of instruction TDI Full Cave + Sidemount Cave + Stage Cave Diver.

I went to Mexico last year for my cave diving and met Alain in the first time. He is a very strict and tough instructor that I've ever met. We spend about 2 weeks together and I learned a lot from him, not only about the cave diving but also the responsibility to our underwater caves and environment. After course we had a lot of guided cave diving and I can fell this guy really wanna show me the most beautiful part of the caves. He is always full of passion—I mean only to the caves, haha! In the beginning of this year, I went back to Mexico again, we had 2 weeks wonderful looooong dive. This time he refreshed all my skills plus some new things. Again, I had a wonderful time to dove with him. Mexico is one of the few diving destinations that I wanna go again and again. Alain is one of the few instructors/buddies that I really wanna dive with. All the best buddy! See you every year!

两年前我第一次在墨西哥遇到Alain, 他是一个非常严格和强硬的教练,我从来没有遇到过这样的教练。我们一起潜了两周,这两周里我学到了很多东西,不光是洞穴潜水,还有对水下洞穴及环境的保育知识。在他带队的洞穴潜水中,我能很明显地感觉到,他真的很希望带我看到每个洞穴中最漂亮的部分。他对洞穴的热爱和专业知识能让每个和他一起潜水的人都能感受到。今年初我再一次去了墨西哥,当然,我还是选择和Alain一起潜水。毫无疑问,这一次和上一次一样,我很享受每天的长时间潜水。他帮我复习了之前学到的东西,外加一些新的内容,非常棒。墨西哥是极少数我会一再前往的潜水目的地之一,而Alain,也是极少数我非常喜欢一起潜水的教练和朋友。他不是最便宜的,但我始终相信,一分钱一分货。下次见!

Ye Lu, 34, China
TDI Instructor, Full Cave, Adv.Trimix and Adv.Wreck Diver
2500+ logged dives
Activity with CDT Mexico: 

In April 2014 myself and my buddy Josh Shipp enjoyed 3 weeks guided cave diving with Alain, and saw some of Mexico's most beautiful cave systems, and learned a great deal along the way. At that stage, as reasonably experienced tech and wreck divers, but relatively novice cave divers, we chose to revisit Mexico in April 2015 for further instruction with Alain. 
We did our research and chose Alain over many other instructors, for good reason. He is extremely methodical and systematic, and is a proven cave diver - both as an explorer and instructor.
Alain was very helpful to assist pre-trip with advice on travel, accommodation and dive equipment. Alain went to the trouble to organize some excellent accommodation for us, and provided an excellent pick up and drop off service to make logistics easy.
Alain fitted and adjusted our Razor harnesses, saving us many hours of fine adjustments.  On both trips, Alain was very helpful in tweaking all our equipment for safety and streamline, and ease of use.  
On the dive sites, Alain provided very thorough dive briefs. His intimate knowledge of each dive site (there are so many) gave us the information to plan our own dives very well and made each dive a great success, with many challenges along the way. During each dive, whether site seeing or dive training, Alain was a powerful observer and a great communicator. He gave us plenty of space on each dive, but was always there for assistance is needed, and to light up points of interest along the way.
The training for IANTD Full Cave and TDI Cave Sidemount and Stage Sidemount was very enjoyable, but certainly was not easily achieved - he made us earn each certification! When you complete training with Alain, he works very hard  on ensuring the fundamentals of  buoyancy, trim and orientation are well understood and practiced, before proceeding further to more advanced skills.  In learning the more advanced skills, he breaks each skill down into small pieces, and ensures you know and understand each small step and then how they fit together. In his famous phrase: slow is smooth, smooth is fast, Alain has tought us to slow right down, make careful and decisive movements, and ensure that each step is done correctly and precisely before moving onto the next .
Alain's meticulous attention to detail and observation skills certainly shine through at each dive de-brief. The de-briefings were where we learned the most. Understanding the strengths and shortcomings of every aspect of each dive has taught us so much - we learn by doing!
Overall, Alain is a wonderful instructor: he is so deeply passionate about cave diving and wants his students to achieve their absolute best. He ensures not only that you can perform the required skills, but that you have a strong understanding of what you're doing, in every aspect of your equipment, your diving skills and cave diver training.  I strongly recommend Alain to all Cave Divers that want to excel in Cave Diving.

Daniel Mitchell, Australia
IANTD Advanced Nitrox Diver and CDAA Cave Diver 
800+ logged dives prior to IANTD Full Cave Certification April 2015
Activity with CDT Mexico:
April 2014 : 17 days of guided cave dives in back-mount, several dives with stage tanks also.
April 2015 : 17 days of instruction TDI Full Cave + Sidemount Cave + Stage Cave Diver.

Last summer we (dad and son) decided to take part in Full Cave Course. We’re diving for quite long time and we were recognizing ourselves as good divers. As soon as we came to beautiful Playa del Carmen and met Alain we changed our way of thinking about diving. We spent 3 weeks with Alain and I’ve to admit that every minute was valuable. He’s strict professional, but no prissy guy. These were weeks of hard training, amazing dives, great atmosphere, good friendship and indescribable enjoyment. Thank you Alain, you’re excellent instructor and unforgettable chatterbox. :)

Mikolaj and Marek Fido, father and son, Poland
Avanced Nitrox Divers
1000+ logged dives
Activity with CDT Mexico: Full Cave Course, guided cave dives

Als erfahrene Taucher mit über 1500 Tauchgängen unter verschiedensten Bedingungen haben wir im Intro to Cave Diving Course bei Alain sehr viel gelernt und neue Aspekte der Sicherheit beim Tauchen erfahren. Diese Kenntnisse sind nicht nur im Höhlenbereich nützlich sondern finden auch in unseren Tauchgängen im offenen Bereich Eingang. Seine seriöse, gleichzeitig aber fröhliche Art des Unterrichtes hat uns die Anstrengungen des Höhlentauchens vergessen lassen. Wir sind froh, uns dieser Herausforderung gestellt zu haben und denken mit einem Lächeln an die tollen Tage in Playa del Carmen und den Kurs mit Alain zurück. Wer weiss, vielleicht kommen wir für den Full Cave Dive Course wieder.

Ruth und Christophe Kläy, Switzerland
Rescue and above
1500+ logged dives
Activity with CDT Mexico: Intro to Cave Course

Ich habe mit Alain die Intro-to-Cave und Full-Cave-Ausbildung gemacht. Es waren super Kurse, anstrengend, aber ich habe sehr viel gelernt. Und wir hatten auch Spaß dabei. Alain wusste auf jede meiner Fragen eine Antwort, es war einfach Spitze! Durch die Kurse lernte ich jede Menge neuer Fertigkeiten und meine Ausrüstung wurde immer weiter optimiert. Viele der Sachen nutze ich nun auch bei den „normalen“ Tauchgängen. Die geführten Höhlentauchgänge nach dem Kurs waren dann ein ganz besonderes Erlebnis. Vielen Dank, ich komme nächstes Jahr wieder!

Markus Klotz, 45, Germany
CMAS***, Trimix, Cavern
2600+ logged dives
Activity with CDT Mexico: Intro to Cave Course, Full Cave Course, guided cave dives

What can I say? Two weeks of pure joy and adventure in the Yucatan caves with Alain and his diving colleagues! An experience I will never forget and one that I intend to replicate (and better!) when I return in a year or two for even more cave diving adventures in Mexico. Thanks for the great memories buddy.

Tony Massey, 49, United Kingdom
BSAC Adv. Instr. / CMAS 3 Star Instr. / H&SE Part IVR Dive Trainer / IANTD Tmx Diver / TDI Intro to Cave Diver
6500+ logged dives
Activity with CDT Mexico: guided cave dives

I have been training with Alain for nearly 2 years. During this time, he has not only become my cave diving mentor, but also a very close friend. He is knowledgeable, skillful, and passionate about cave diving; and patient, dedicated, and caring with his students. To me, these are all the qualities of a great instructor and the reason why I continue to train and dive with him. At this point, we have completed nearly 50 cave dives together and I look forward to many, many more!

Christie F., Canada
PADI Dive Master
150+ logged dives
Activity with CDT Mexico: Essentials Course / Cavern Course / Side-Mount Course / Intro to Cave Course / Full Cave Course / 20+ guided cave dives

When my fiancée and I came to Mexico and met Alain we thought we were fairly reasonable divers but quickly learned we had a LONG way to go! At the time of starting the IANTD Cavern Diver program we had both been diving for around 6 or maybe 7 years. In just 4 days of training with Alain we learned and developed more than the combined previous 6 years of training with a well-known recreational oriented agency.
After day one our eyes were WIDE open. It was really tough going and at times stressful as we hadn't before experienced how beautiful but also how sinister the caverns/ caves can be if you’re not ready or not paying attention.
The quality of instruction was first class. Alain was very patient with us but also firm in ensuring we gave 100% we were pushed harder than we had previously experienced and as a result developed well. Up to that time it was the best training we had EVER received and it fundamentally changed the way we dived, who we dived with and what training programmes / training agencies we selected. On return to the UK we changed all our equipment configuration - backplate and wing, long hose etc and continued to work on trim, buoyancy and propulsion techniques. We found that our diving continued to develop way faster than we had expected. Today I am now IANTD Normoxic Trimix certified, have trained with GUE and have my Full IANTD Cave Diver programme next month in the South of France.
Without meeting Alain I am convinced I would still be a very average / maybe below average diver and wouldn't be involved with technical dives and training and wouldn't be confident or capable to experience some of the amazing dive sites we have since visited and of course we have met some great friends along the way.
Without exaggeration the 4 days with Alain opened a door which we gratefully walked through and haven't looked back! Hope to see you again mate, sooner than later! Damo and Helen.

Damian “Damo” Bird, 36, United Kingdom
PADI Rescue Diver
45+ logged dives
Activity with CDT Mexico: Cavern Diver Course

Strict and thorough concerning all matters of life and death, Alain is one of the few serious guides who is still fun. We had a really great time and learned a lot. I also think we saw and learned some things, which are often missed, thanks to him. I feel sorry for all of our future diving guides, since we will all compare them to Alain. Thank you man!!!

Matthias Gruber, 34, Austria
35+ logged dives
Activity with CDT Mexico: Cavern Diver Course

I had a very good course very informative and hands on, and very much to the point. There was everything I needed knowledge, skill and equipment wise, and nothing fancy extra that you don't need. In short: a NO BULLSHIT approach.

Enno Ackermann, 23, Austria
PADI Open Water Scuba Instr.
400+ logged dives
Activity with CDT Mexico: Full Cave Diver Course

Primero quisiera decir que para mi el buceo es aprender y disfrutar ya que hago esto para mi y no como una manera de vida, al terminar mi Divemaster ya tenia en mente y como meta hacer el curso de cuevas asi que investigue y hable con varios instructores que me aseguraban mi certificación y honestamente para mi eso no funciona... sacrifique muchas horas trabajando y privándome de mucho para poder reunir el costo de un curso y lo que menos quería es que me regalaran mi certificación  al Final he hablado con Alain y unas de sus primeras palabras fue que NO me garantizaba mi certificación, que eso dependía totalmente de mi asi que para mi eso fue lo que me hizo decidir tomar el curso con el, fueron diez dias del mas intenso curso que jamas he tomado, 10 dias de aprendizaje y vivencias que no se comparan... me certifique justo el dia de mi cumpleaños y esa noche en la cena me di cuenta que había valido hasta el ultimo centavo lo que habia pagado por el conocimiento, la experiencia y cada una de las horas que pase bajo el agua bajo su instruccion, Gracias Alain!!!  no solo un EXELENTE Instructor sino un buen amigo.

Gustavo Buenrostro, 32, Mexico
PADI Dive Master
100+ logged dives
Activity with CDT Mexico: Full Cave Diver Course

I have a great course with Alain, to have a full cave course it change my dive style forever and my mind. Alain is a great Instructor and a good friend, don´t think too much if you are ready to have a full cave course CDT it´s a great option. Have fun and dive safe.

Jorge Torres, 38, Mexico
PADI Dive Master
700+ logged dives
Activity with CDT Mexico: Full Cave Diver Course

Can't be any better. Felt extremely safe and my son found a friend in you . Bill and I had a great time in the more challenging Cenote dives like Angelita.

Christian Siegl, 56, Austria
PADI Dive Master
2000+ logged dives
Activity with CDT Mexico: guided cavern dives

Suivre la formation IANTD avec Alain a été une expérience très enrichissante pour moi. Les cours furent intenses et instructifs et amusants. Alain offre la formation indispensable pour tous ceux qui veulent explorer les grottes. Je pense sincèrement que la formation de Cave Diving avec Alain est aussi bénéfique pour améliorer son propre niveau technique général, qui servira pour d’autres types de plongée, tel que la plongée sur épave ou de nuit...
La formation qu’offre Alain est une expérience unique et gratifiante  pour découvrir une nouvelle facette de la plongée.Comme vous avez pu le voir sur certaines photos, l’entrainement se fait aussi bien sur terre que dans l’eau, et Alain est un puit d’idées lorsqu’il s’agît d’adapter l’entrainement des futurs cavistes aux exigences que ce type de plongée implique. Amusez-vous pendant la formation et partagez vos expériences, photos et vidéos, sur la page Facebook d’Alain!

Frédéric Fabre, 38, France
PADI Open Water Instructor
300+ logged dives
Activity with CDT Mexico: IANTD Cave Diver Course

I had the pleasure of one week of cave diving with Lili and Alain to gain experience before full cave. 
We worked a lot on basics and skills. At the same time Lili and Alain also emphasised the mindset of a competent diver in general. After a week of diving in gorgeous caves, thanks to their guidance and instruction, I feel like have improved tremendously. Lily and Alain absolutely care about me advancing. I was not just taught by highly competent instructors, I was mentored. This sets them above so many other instructors. All the best to you and I hope to come back this year.

Camille Haffter, Switzerland
TDI Intro to Cave Diver
Activity with CDT Mexico: Guided Dives / Review

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