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A DPV cave diver swims in the Hatzuts Ak


The TDI DPV Cave Diver course’s objective is to teach certified and experienced cave divers how to safely use a Diver’s Propulsion Vehicle in a cave environment. It focuses on the techniques and very high awareness level necessary to properly and safely “drive” a DPV in an overhead environment, as well as the complex gas planning involved in this kind of diving.

Divers will also learn the specificities and the different components of a DPV, as well as proper use and maintenance.

The TDI DPV Cave Diver course is designed for experienced cave divers who wish to extend their penetration range into known cave systems. Also, driving a DPV is simply a lot of fun, and that probably is a good enough reason to engage in this kind of diving in the first place!
Students will learn how to safely handle a DPV in all situations and handle all related potential mechanical problems. Also, students will learn how to properly plan a DPV cave dive, integrating more complex and conservative gas management in their dive planning.

A proper mental preparation and the capacity of calm, sound judgement in stressful situations is paramount as the hazards increase with the much higher penetration speed.

At that level, a good team dynamics and communication is more difficult to achieve, it is easier to stray away from the line and team’s separation becomes a greater risk too. Therefor, students will be asked to raise their awareness level even higher.

Students must have an extended experience of cave diving and handling stage cylinders prior to start the course.

4 days - $1,200 USD

Daily DPV rental fee (discounted) $90 USD

18 years old
Stage Cave Diver
25 logged stage cave dives

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