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The TDI Cave Surveying Diver course is designed for trained and experienced cave divers who wish to collect precise data during a cave dive with the objective to create a “stick map” of the cave system. It is also a necessary preparation step for cartography, which will use the collected data to create a geological map.

The program encourages the use of cave maps for dive planning and increases the diver’s awareness and knowledge of the surrounding environment. It will focus on the safe techniques, procedures and skill necessary, associated with surveying in caves.

Gas management becomes more complex, as swimming and surveying don’t take the same time. Surveying cave divers typically tend to concentrate on the surveying datas and there is a much higher risk of forgetting basic limitations. Therefor, one of the objectives of the course is to raise awareness at a much higher level, as well as the general knowledge of the cave environment.

Modern days surveying divers use different techniques and procedures to gather the datas and produce maps. We, at CDT Mexico, will focus on the most practical solutions, such as modern surveying tools and softwares, but also teaching students “older” and more manual methods, in case the technologie fails you…

Skills will include, manual and mechanical data gathering as well as the proper use of softwares and how to exploite these tools efficiently. Also, students will learn basic preparatory techniques, such as knotting lines, advanced line techniques, etc.

Obviously, in order to gather information efficiently, surveying cave diver must display a very high mastery in basic cave diving skills such as buoyancy control, trim and propulsion techniques, as well as a high awareness and knowledge of their environment. 

4 days - $1,200 USD

18 years old
Stage Cave Diver
50 logged cave dives

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