The TDI Advanced Cave Sidemount Diver course’s objective is to teach how to safely dive into cave passages so restricted that it becomes necessary to remove equipment to pass. It focuses on the stress management and mind preparation as well as on equipment removal and advanced propulsion techniques.

The TDI Advanced Cave Sidemount course is designed for experienced side-mount cave divers who wish to push their skills and knowledge to the limit. Students will learn how to safely remove equipment in order to pass restricted areas and how to solve equipment problem and failures directly underwater.

A proper mental preparation and the capacity of calm, sound judgement in stressful situations is paramount as the hazards increase in confined passage.

At that level, cave passages become so small that in some cases divers must solve problems without the assistance of the team mates, in zero visibility and in very small caves, which leads to diver’s autonomy in all situations.

The TDI Advanced Cave Sidemount course is an extreme cave diving course and is a real challenge for the student.

4 days - $1,000 USD

18 years old
Cave Sidemount Diver or Full Cave Diver
100 logged sidemount cave dives